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West Cumbria Carers

Hello my name is Ann Quinn and I’m an Adult Carers Health Support Worker. I work for West Cumbria Carers, we are a registered charity and our aim is to support people who care for someone who could not manage without their help.

My particular role within the organisation is to work alongside GP’s in Copeland specifically, to identify new Carers and support their needs.  An important part of my role is to provide information on all aspects of caring and signpost Carers to support services in addition to encouraging Carers to prioritise their own health and well-being.

Although my role covers Adult Carers specifically, West Cumbria Carers also run a Young Carers Project.  Young Carers are carers aged 5 to 17 who help to look after someone at home, we offer emotional support as well as a variety of trips & activities to give them a break – you can find more information about this by clicking here:  https://www.westcumbriacarers.co.uk/services-support/young-carers/

So, ask yourself am I a Carer?

Many people don’t consider themselves to be in a caring role. Some people may only see themselves as a Husband, Mum, Brother, Son or Daughter!

So, do you do any of the following for a friend, member of the family or even a neighbour who couldn’t manage without your help?

  • Housework or shopping
  • Handling money matters
  • Hospital and surgery
  • Personal care, such as washing and dressing

if you do, then YOU ARE A CARER!

So what sort of support do West Cumbria Carers provide?

Our service is FREE and is given in many different ways, we:

  • Support Groups – meet people in similar situations
  • Carers Assessment –This is an opportunity for you to meet with a support worker to discuss your role and identify any support we may be able to offer
  • Emergency Card (called contingency planning) – To give reassurance of support for the person you care for if you become ill or have an emergency.
  • Activities – Various activities to support carers health and understanding
  • Quarterly newsletters – information sharing of topics that affect Carers generally
  • Benefits support
  • Trips, outings and social events – an opportunity for time out of you caring role
  • Counselling & Volunteer Support Services including counselling, respite sitting and driving
  • We can also help you to arrange a lasting power of attorney at very competitive rates

You can find out about all the services we offer by visiting our website: https://www.westcumbriacarers.co.uk/

You can ask any member of staff within the practice to refer you to our organisation, so please ask for more information in the surgery.

Alternatively you can call myself or one of my colleagues at West Cumbria Carers on 01900 821976.

You can email us on general@westcumbriacarers.co.uk 

Or you can fill in our online referral form by clicking here: https://www.westcumbriacarers.co.uk/services-support/professionals/refer-to-us/