Queen Street Medical Practice

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Covid-19 Vaccinations

We give below is an update on the progress of our Covid vaccination programme. When we have completed each tier of the programme we will let you know on here. In the meantime we appreciate your continuing patience. Please do not telephone the surgery as this delays the work we do for you, including urgent and normal medical care. If you have not heard from us when we announce that we have completed the vaccination tier you are in please contact us at the surgery.

Over 80 years of age We have started vaccinating this age group on the 15th December 2020 and if you have not had a phone call offering you an appointment by the end of January 2021 please contact the surgery.

Housebound patients. These people will be vaccinated in their homes by the paramedic team and this programme has begun. We will continue this work until all patients have been offered the vaccine

Between 75-80 years of age. We have started vaccinating this group and are continuing with the programme.

Over 70’s and the Extremely Clinically Vulnerable Group. We have just begun vaccinating this age group. Please be patient, we WILL contact you.

Health and Social Care workers – please contact your employer to obtain vaccination

We will inform patients directly for appointments when we begin vaccinating people under 70

Please make sure we have up to date contact numbers for you.