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North Cumbria Primary Care

You may have heard of some changes being made to the running of Queen Street Medical Practice.  We have been chosen to be one of the first GP practices to join North Cumbria Primary Care, an initiative designed to safeguard the future of GP services in North Cumbria.

North Cumbria Primary Care is part of the NHS led by GP’s and is not for profit organisation which mean that if we make surplus they will be reinvested in patient care.

There is a national shortage of GP’s part of the problem is that newly qualified doctors prefer not to have the business responsibilities or the expense of owning a GP practice.  North Cumbria Primary Care will take on the business responsibilities leaving GP’s to do the job they are good at, effectively treating their patients.

Queen Street is the first practice to join North Cumbria Primary Care.  Other practices across North Cumbria are due to join very soon.

We believe that joining North Cumbria Primary Care provides the best solution to our patients, our staff and the long term survival of our patients.  One GP Practice in Whitehaven closed recently and if we did nothing others may follow.

We would like to emphasise that we are changing how the practice is managed, not what it does.  We believe that this represents a very  positive opportunity for the patients of Queen Street and all the staff who work here.

Please contact Anne Thompson or Mike Hunter if you would like any more information about North Cumbria Primary Care or have any particular concerns about your care.

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