Queen Street Medical Practice

Lines open at 8.00am

Practice Charter

We aim to offer the best possible service in comprehensive and personal care in health as well as in illness.

How we want to help you

  • Patients have a right to absolute confidentiality
  • Patients have a right to be treated courteously
  • Our aim is to offer all patients an appointment with a doctor/nurse within 2 working days. If you wish to see a named doctor you may have to wait longer than 2 days to see that particular doctor. If you have an urgent medical condition you will be seen as promptly as is practical
  • There will always be someone to help you at the reception desk during our published opening hours
  • We try to see patients at their appointment time and would not normally expect you to wait more than 30 minutes. It will not always be possible to meet this standard if for example a GP is called our in an emergency, or if a particular patient needs a long consultation. If the delay exceeds 30 minutes patients will be informed.
  • The practice will inform patients of services available by means of notice boards, information monitor, the practice leaflet and website.
  • Repeat prescriptions will be available 2 working days following their request, if possible please request prescriptions by use of the repeat prescription slips, e-mail or this site.
  • The practice offers an in-house complaints procedure to deal with complaints about the services we provide. Our aim is to give you the highest possible standard of service and we try to deal quickly with any problems that may occur. If you have a complaint, please contact the practice manager who will be happy to give you further information.

How you can help us

  • Courtesy to our staff at all times – please remember that they are following the doctor’s orders
  • Please let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number
  • Please try to attend promptly for appointments and let us know if you are going to be late or need to cancel
  • Please only request a home visit when you are too ill or infirm to attend surgery
  • Please note the car park is for staff or disabled parking only
  • An appointment is for one person only – where another member of the family needs to be seen an additional appointment should be made
  • Out of hours calls (e.g. evening/night/weekends) should only be requested if they are felt to be truly necessary
  • Please ring after 14:00 for your test results (the busy morning surgery will have quietened down and the staff will have more time to deal with your results).
  • For reasons of confidentiality we are only able to give results to the patient or the patient’s authorised representative

As well as our other services we offer

  • All children will have a full programme of immunisations, development and health checks, unless parental consent is withheld
  • All patients aged 75 years and over are entitled to a yearly health check if they wish one
  • Every woman aged 25 to 64 will be offered a cervical smear test every 5 years as appropriate

Chaperones during consultation

On occasions there may be a need for you to have an intimate examination whilst seeing your GP or Practice Nurse. If this is ever the case then you can expect certain standards to be adhered to by the practice:

  • The doctor or nurse will explain to you why the examination is necessary and give you an opportunity to ask questions
  • You will be asked for your permission for such an examination to take place
    You will be offered a chaperone (if possible in advance) so that you can invite a relative or friend to be present if you wish
  • In certain circumstances a doctor or nurse may wish a chaperone to be present, if you decline this, then a record of the fact that you declined this facility will be made
  • You will be given privacy to undress and dress and if any assistance is required then the chaperone will be asked to help you

You should also be aware that as a patient you have the right to ask for a chaperone to be present during any consultation or examination

Zero Tolerance

Violence and aggression towards our staff or doctors will not be tolerated on the practice premises. Patients who display this behaviour will be removed from the practice list and depending on the severity of the behaviour legal action may be sought.